My childhood was a nomadic lifestyle based around military culture because of my father’s job. We moved every two years, living in different environments and this enabled me to become adaptable and learn keen observation skills. I lived in a small town in Korea and the area was surrounded by the 8th US Army territory. I wondered why I was different from them and began observing them and their culture. I became very interested in learning more about the US culture.
I was a big fan of cartoons in 1983. I especially loved the animation created by Osamu Tezuka called Astro Boy.” It was an amazing futuristic science animation that showed wireless technology and humanoid robots. Because of this animation, I got the sense of scientific imagination. I began dreaming for the future products, system, and branding.
Also, I spent my youth in a scientific city that was supported and invested by the Korean government as a R&D zone. This environment gave me big opportunities such as naturally learning basic science from museums, libraries, and applied facilities in the city and making the decision to be an industrial designer.
To me, industrial design is the way to plan for the future based on keen observation, imagination, and problem solving with scientific thought.